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Dialysis Treatment and Support / Dialysis Centers

For patients whose kidneys are no longer taking care of their bodies’ needs, dialysis is typically required. Your primary care physician may have referred you to the Wichita Nephrology Group or you may already be a patient of our practice.

  • How We Can Help

    The Wichita Nephrology Group provides a complete range of dialysis treatment and support services for patients all over the state of Kansas who are living with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

    Dialysis treatments can:

    • Keep your body in balance by removing waste, salt and extra water.
    • Keep certain chemical levels within your blood safe.
    • Control blood pressure.

Type of Dialysis

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    Hemodialysis uses a special type of filter to remove excess waste products and water from the blood.

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    Peritoneal Dialysis

    Peritoneal dialysis uses a fluid that is placed into the patient’s abdominal cavity through a special plastic tube to remove excess waste products and fluid from the body. The Wichita Nephrology Group, in association with DaVita Dialysis, oversees the largest peritoneal dialysis program in the United States.

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    Setting Up an Appointment or Dialysis Treatments

    Your physicians will coordinate setting up dialysis with one of our partners. For questions regarding dialysis, contact the Wichita Nephrology Group at (316) 263-5891 or 1-800-234-4565.

    Our Dialysis Center Partners

    • DaVita Dialysis
    • Fresenius Group
    View Dialysis Center Locations

Better Your Health Through Education

At Wichita Nephrology Group, we care about each one of our patients. Our goal is to better your health through education, medical assistance (if necessary) and a change in lifestyle.

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Questions or Need More Information?

Questions about dialysis treatment and support or the Dialysis Centers should be directed to the Wichita Nephrology Group at (316) 263-5891 or 1-800-234-4565.