In-hospital Consultations

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In-hospital Consultations

For patients with kidney issues ranging from electrolyte disturbance and hypertension to patients requiring renal replacement therapy, the advisement of a nephrologist is very helpful. In the case of a hospitalization, it is common for the patient’s attending physician or hospitalist to contact the Wichita Nephrology Group regarding in-hospital consultations.

  • How We Can Help

    Physicians at the Wichita Nephrology Group provide in-hospital consultations and a wide variety of hospital services to both existing and new patients. Once we receive a consultation request from the physician or hospitalist on your behalf, your nephrologist will visit you on a daily basis. If your nephrologist is not available, one of their partners will see you.

    Proudly Serving Patients in the Following Hospitals

    • Via Christ St Francis
    • Via Christi St Joseph
    • Wesley Medical Center
    • Wesley Medical Center Woodlawn
    • Kansas Medical Center
    • Kansas Heart Hospital
    • Our Lady of Lourdes
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Question or Need More Information?

In-hospital consultations are typically requested by your attending physician or hospitalist. If you have questions, you may contact us directly at (316) 263-5891 or 1-800-234-4565.