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How to Prepare and What to Expect

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We Look Forward to Meeting You

Although the largest nephrology practice in Kansas, the Wichita Nephrology Group is physician-owned and governed, allowing for a higher level of focus on each individual patient.

Our team is dedicated to providing quality of care in a compassionate, innovative and efficient manner. We have prepared the information on this page so your appointment process and first visit with us are as smooth as possible.

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NOTE: Please refrain from using the restroom immediately before your visit as we will likely be taking a urine sample during your appointment.

  • Setting Up or Rescheduling an Appointment

    Setting Up Appointment

    Your primary care physician will need to call and schedule your first appointment with the Wichita Nephrology Group. Do not hesitate to call us directly at (316) 263-5891 if you have any questions or concerns before your visit.

    Appointment Confirmation

    Our automated system will call to remind you of your upcoming appointment. If you need to change the day or time, please be sure to contact us at least 24 hours before your scheduled visit.

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    What to do Prior to Your Visit

    1. If you have any lab work from another facility, please inform us prior to your visit so we will have the results available for review.
    2. Write down any questions or concerns you have.
    3. Write down an updated list of your medications and if you check your weight or blood pressure at home, ensure your records are updated and ready to be reviewed.
    4. Complete the requested patient forms, such as the Demographic Form and Medical History Form.
    View & Download Patient Forms

What to Bring to Your Appointment

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    Identification & Insurance

    Be sure to bring your photo identification, medical insurance information and if requested, your insurance referrals. Your co-pay will be collected at the time of service.

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    Medications & Records

    Please bring an updated list of medications as well as your current medication bottles. If you check your blood pressure at home, bring your blood pressure cuff and if you check your weight at home, bring a few recent weights. If requested, also bring medical records from your referring physician.

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    Patient Forms

    Be sure to bring the requested patient forms, such as the Demographic Form and Medical History Form. View and download patient forms here.

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    Questions & Concerns

    Please bring your list of questions or concerns to discuss with our medical team.

  • How to Get to Your Appointment

    818 N. Emporia Ste #310 Wichita, KS 67214  |  Get Directions

    1. Park in the parking garage to the east of our building. Handicapped parking is available on the first level of the garage, but if you are unable to walk, you may have your driver drop you off at the front entrance under the awning.
    2. If you are unable to walk, please call us at (316) 263-5891 from the telephone in the lobby and we can ensure you have a wheelchair to use.
    3. Utilize the elevators to go to the third floor where we are located.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Your first and subsequent visits to the Wichita Nephrology Group will involve interactions with our receptionist, a medical assistant and the physician.

We accept all major insurances including, but not limited to, Medicare, Medicare replacement plans and Medicaid. Your co-pay will be collected at the time of service.

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    Our team members will perform the following tasks:

    • Patient information and insurance verified
    • Weight and blood pressure check
    • Review of your medications
    • Physical exam (to check your lungs, heart, legs for swelling)
    • Obtain a urine sample (to check for infection, protein, blood)
    • Likely an order will be written for lab work to be done before your next visit. This can be done at the lab of your choice or a lab that is in-network with your insurance provider.
    • Review any recent test results or discuss any further tests needed
    • Discuss a plan of care, such as your next appointment, any medication changes, lab tests needed and diet recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wichita Nephrology Group Patients

New patients are typically referred to the Wichita Nephrology Group by their primary care physician. If you are an existing patient or have questions, you may contact us directly at (316) 263-5891 or 1-800-234-4565.